Redirected TRAFFIC

Redirected traffic means that visitors to our site are redirected from our site to your site.  This is a higher quality traffic than iFrame traffic as each and every visitor will actually be a live visitor to your sight (iFrame traffic will register a visit of each person that visits our sight on which you have an ad. Only a smaller percentage of that traffic will click on the ad and actually go to your site.).

Redirected TRAFFIC ( ½ penny per hit – $.005 per hit )

Redirected traffic is delivered in 7 days.

Prices are $ .005 per visit (20,000 visit minimum) for non-adult traffic

.005 per visit for non-adult sites

And $ .0075 per visit (20,000 visit minimum) for adult traffic

.0075 per visit for adult sites

TEST PACKAGE – 10,000 visitors delivered in 2 days – $ 20.00


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