We offer two type of SEO Services

SEO Websites –

We will set a website that will get ranked in Google within hours to a few days at most. If you are starting a new business this is vital. Most non SEO’s websites take about 3 months to get indexed by Google.

Cost is between $1500 to $5000+ depending on how much work we must do. Fill out the form below if you are interested. Sites can be created and indexed in as little as 48 hours.

Q: What are SEO Web Sites and how do they differ from normal web sites?

A: An SEO web site is designed to get your domain indexed on Google and other search engines as fast as possible. Usually in a couple of days. Seldom longer than a week. An SEO web site can be used in place of a regular web site, but often it is used in conjunction with a regular web site to get the domain name that the regular or eCommerce site sits on indexed quickly. That way you can start pulling in traffic and sales from Google quickly.

Without an SEO web site most sites typically go three to six months without indexing, others can go a year.

Q: Will you design a SEO web site to my specifications?

A: Yes, and NO. SEO web sites require a certain approach and often include blogs. You can select the style of SEO web site you want and we can cater to your needs within that style, but we do not totally design the web site to your specifications as would a normal web site designer.

However, we do maintain an inventory of templated regular web sites that may also satisfy your needs – or at least, temporarily satisfy your needs until your regular web site is designed and up and running.

SEO Monthly Service

We will SEO your site for as many keywords as you would like. We will get your keywords moving up the Google Index and often onto the first page in as little as 30 days. We have a comprehensive strategy that gets you on as many first pages for as many keywords as possible first, then slowly builds up momentum towards those hard to get and hard to compete for keywords.

Cost is usually between $300 to $1000+ a month depending on your niche and how many and what kind of keywords you are looking to rank for. Fill out the form below if you are interested.


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